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2018 - 2019

The question - what's the best tax refund software? gets raised every year, and the answer really requires some in depth looks into your tax return filing needs.

This year, if your wanting to file your own tax return online with some sort of software and haven't done it before, some questions need to be answered.

TurboTax sets the standard with top sales but in reality for simple tax filing needs just about any brand could work well enough.

TurboTax 2019 Tax Filing Software

The trend is to lean more toward the top rated brands like TurboTax once you start getting into more complicated returns with investments, deductions, and self employment income tax filing needs.

Personally, I can't see paying some tax service CPA or accountant over $150 for something that I can do myself. After-all, tax return preparation with today's tax refund software is a breeze.  With top choices like TurboTax, it begins with a step-by-step fully guided process that starts with an interview designed to simplify and eliminate what you don't need based on your tax filing situation

What's The Best Tax Software Brands?

For simple 1040 - 1040ez tax form filing you can pretty much choose any brand but, keep in mind that in the coming years you no doubt will need something that can handle the growth and changes in your life.

For long term use it's wise to stick with brands that continue to satisfy year in and year out. TurboTax and HR Block fill the bill here with multiple editions for any tax filers filing requirements.

Are you married? do you own your own home? have investments? need to take advantage of some deductions? These are all questions that need to be answered to make the best choice for your tax refund software to work properly for your required tax preparation needs.

TurboTax Return Users for 2019

Once you have used one of these top rated software brands, all of your data is quickly and simply imported from the previous years return.

You only have to change things that have changed in your life like, investments, getting married, having a baby, buying or selling a house or retiring.

TurboTax 2019 software is so thorough that they guarantee you the biggest refund possible or your money back.

Tax return software programs can handle all of the filing requirements like deductions for mortgage interest, education, medical expenses and charitable donations.

I really find it comforting knowing that the experts that created these tools for us have thought of everything we need to maximize our refunds.

Tax laws change every year and it's nice to know that these programs are updated as the laws change, since I just donít have time to keep up to date on all them myself.

Why you should use online tax preparation software to file for your refund

  • Itís inexpensive. Taking your tax return to an accountant can be a costly process. With online tax software you can estimate your tax return refund and get help and support with filing your tax return at a fraction of the cost of hiring someone to prepare it for you.

  • It helps you easily e-file your return. Calculating your tax return online makes it easy to file your return online by (e-file) or file for a tax return extension if you so choose.

  • Itís easy. You will be guided through each of the forms that are often hard to understand. And, if you use the same provider every year, you'll be able to transfer in data from a past year's return.

  • It catches errors, and red flags audit triggers. Filling out a form incorrectly can lead to added stress or even a penalty from the IRS. Online tax software helps you avoid these mistakes.

  • It helps maximize your deductions. You'll get help with claiming industry-specific deductions to help insure that you are getting the biggest refund available from your tax return.

How TurboTax tax software programs handle refunds for state income taxes

Typically, you will pay an additional fee for the state products to file your state taxes. The price for a state add-on may be listed as ďfree,Ē depending on the product you select, the state add-on may already be included in the price if you selected a combination packaged. These packages can include Federal, and State tax refund software as well as personal finance products like Quicken or Microsoft money.

Some tax software brands like TurboTax 2019 automatically import any relevant information from your federal to your state return, saving you time and effort.

With top rated software brands you can keep more cash for yourself instead of giving it to Uncle Sam. Support and guidance for taking advantage of every deduction possible is implanted into these programs to ensure your not missing any opportunity to increase your refund.

Prepare your taxes and educate yourself all at the same time, you'll learn how to properly prepare during the year to take advantage of every tax break you can. That will help leave more money in your pocket!

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