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TurboTax Account Login
2018 - 2019

As the new tax season gets started, your TurboTax Account Login to access your tax software program is ready and waiting for you to get started on your 2018 - 2019 tax return preparation. You can kick off the new year with an early start at getting all those documents and receipts in order.

Fact is, procrastination is always lurking, keeping us from motivating early. However, if you get all your paperwork in order now, tax preparation can be a much more accessible task to tackle when the moment comes up, and the gumption is there in your motivation to start this tedious task.

Logging Into Your TurboTax Account Is Quick And Easy To Get Started On Your New Year Federal And State Tax Filing



How To Login To Your TurboTax Account

TurboTax Login Screen ShotIt's Soooo Simple, we will walk you through the TurboTax Log In Options so that you don't have to play the guessing game of where, why, and how the log in process works.

To start with you go to the TurboTax Home Page where you will find a button in the top right hand corner that says "Sign In". When you click that button you are taken to the Sign In screen shown here to the right with our screen shot snippet.

As you can see it asks for you user ID and password. You can also check the "Remember Me" checkbox so that you don't have to enter all your credentials every time you come back to login.

So what if you don't remember your account login credentials?

Retrieving TurboTax Account Login Credentials

TurboTax Account Access Screen ShotSo you forgot your username, password, or both. No worries, help is on the way. At the bottom of the login screen is a link that says "Need help accessing your account?" Just click that link and you are taken to the "Find your account?" page, see the find account screenshot here >>

On this page you will be able to enter your email address or user ID. If your like me and have several email addresses, no doubt you may be thumbing your nose a guessing what one was used to create your TurboTax Account.

I Forgot My Email Address and TurboTax User ID

TurboTax Login Account Credentials Retrieval Screen ShotIf you have no idea what user ID you used as well, you can click the text that says "I don't know my email address or user ID" link that is above the continue button.

This will take you to another screen where TurboTax will ask for other credentials to determine who you are, and what email address you used to register your account.

This will include you name, date of birth, social security number, and your zip code.

Once you have entered this information you can click the continue button to resolve your TurboTax Login issues.

Not so bad right? all is not lost if your like me and just have too many usernames, passwords and email addresses to keep track of when and where you use them.

Now for those of you without an account.

How to Create A TurboTax Account

TurboTax Create Account Screen ShotCreating a TurboTax Account is easy and straight forward.

There are several steps to creating your TurboTax Account.

  1. First you will need to enter a email address.
  2. Next you enter the user ID you want to use on the account.
  3. Then you will enter a password for the account.
  4. Now you will need to select a security question and answer for accessing the account when TurboTax feels that your login may be questionable.
  5. Finally you will enter your mobile phone number. Note the phone number is optional and not required to open your new TurboTax Account.
  6. Now you can click the Create Account button and your on your way to Logging Into your new TurboTax Account.

So that's how the TurboTax Login works and how to skirt around the issues of forgetting your account login information.

Your just steps away from accessing the TurboTax Tax Software Programs page where you can choose the product needed to prepare and file your tax returns this year. TurboTax offers many choices to ensure a product will fit your needs!


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